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Our Mission Statement

The RLA Scouts are committed to the continued excellence of our Veteran and First Responder community. We are a Veteran based, 501c3 Non-Profit, 100% Volunteer, Fire-Rescue organization. Our guiding purpose is to provide a familiar environment for Veterans coming off Active Duty while providing the skills, training and national certifications beneficial to gaining employment as First Responders. Our Scouts are sent to the same schools, taught by the same instructors, and receive the same certifications as Police and Fire/Rescue. While volunteering with the RLA Scouts, our Sub-Stations directly serve partnered Police and Fire/Rescue Departments and either provide the primary source for, or the expansion of services, in Active Rescues and Wildland Fire Response during Local Emergencies and larger Disasters. Today, 70% of all members serving with the RLA Scouts are Honorably Discharged Veterans, 20% are First Responders and 10% are family members, of such, who wish to assist their local agencies during Emergencies or Disasters.

Training our Scouts is an endeavor of its very own design. With the support of other agencies, such as the Department of Homeland Security, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Texas A&M Engineering Extension Services, Rescue Training International and independent Departments, we are capable of accomplishing this task.

Our Goal

To establish our Sub-Station Regional VFDs (Volunteer Fire Departments) that will provide the primary capabilities, and/or expand the current capabilities of Police and Fire/Rescue Departments through Mutual Aid. We aim to be the most well vetted, certified and equipped Fire-Rescue Organization in the Nation, for Technical Rescue and Wildland Fire Response, to the designated protection areas of such partnered agencies.

Who We Are

The RLA Scouts are Headquartered in Terrell, TX and their principle areas of operations include Texas, Washington State and Florida with growth soon expanding to Missouri, Arkansas, California, Alaska, South Carolina and Tennessee. Its primary mission is the training and certification of its personnel in Ground and Urban Search and Rescue, Flood and Swiftwater Rescue, High Angle/Vertical Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Underwater Search and Recovery, Wildfire Response, Wilderness Survival, Advanced Land Navigation and small team tactics with Active Technical Rescues.

The RLA Scouts serve at a high level of readiness, flexibility and capabilities, nation wide. Scouts strive to be reliable and capable of supporting their local agencies as a quality Volunteer Fire-Rescue and Non-Profit Organization. In order to accomplish this, Scouts must be broad leaders. Those who are capable of solving complex problems and complex situations. Because the world we live in will continue to grow more complex by the minute. Scouts must be capable of executing sound decisions, while mentoring their subordinates, all while leading thoughts and ideas into the future. We are capable of producing Physically Strong, Mentally Tough, and Morally Straight individuals who are well Vetted, Trained, Certified and Equipped to meet the needs of your Community.

Our Volunteers are required to maintain physical readiness while serving with the RLA Scouts. This ensures each Scout remains physically prepared to handle the task assigned to their Sub-Station for the Designated Protection Areas. Scouts are required to pass an annual Physical Fitness test to continue volunteering with the RLA Scouts.

Professionalism, Candor and Integrity is ingrained into every individual who serves in Stations throughout the Nation. This ensures that future Scouts who show leadership potential are prepared to uphold the highest standards as Leaders. Every Officer serving is prior Federal Military Service, Law Enforcement or Firefighters who at a minimum, have earned a college degree. This maintains leadership across the board, from top to bottom, is the best in the Nation among the Stations.

Notice: As of October 1st 2018, the Rescue Lifeline Association Inc., RLA Scouts will no longer be providing Para-Rescue Assets as our Specialty Services. During our term of discussions with several Police and Fire / Rescue Departments, it has been discussed that a specialty in Ariel Support with Helo Assets would be most advantageous to our partnered agencies. With this being said, the RLA Scouts will begin transition to pursue this new Specialty Service at the beginning of 2019, with a goal of having the first in fleet by mid to end of 2019. The goal is to be capable of providing Ariel Support for Spotting during Search and Rescue Operations, deploying Ground Search Teams for Extraction of injured or missing persons, Evacuation of First Responders who may become cut off during Disasters, and General Aid for Incident Commanders to gain an overview perspective of Emergencies on the Ground.


Examples of Certifications individuals receive with the RLA Scouts includes but is not limited to:

  1. Flood and Swiftwater Rescue Technician
  2. Rescue Boat Operator
  3. Vertical Rescue Technician
  4. Confined Space Rescue Technician
  5. Wildland Fire Responder
  6. Ground Search and Rescue Technician
  7. Urban Search and Rescue Technician
  8. Public Safety Diver

Because the Rescue Lifeline Association is a 501c3 Non-Profit, requesting Mutual Aid and/or establishing an RLA Specialized VFD is only a phone call away. Local authorities now have ease of access to Scouts in order to establish and/or expand their departments capabilities on the ground during Active Rescue and/or Wildland Fire Response Operations.


Our Mission Essential Task List is comprised of the following:

  1. Technical Rescue Operations
  2. Underwater Search and Recovery
  3. Wildland Fire Response
  4. Mutual Aid to Local Agencies





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